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Linda Cooke

I’m hearing of a few people catching a few sacks of crawfish on the “inside” or in the swamps along Belle River but still nothing from the spillway. When I go to the landing, there are very few trucks and trailers parked. There just don’t seem to be any crawfish in the spillway yet. Now I hear that we’re getting more rain the next few days which will cool the water off, maybe too much. Maybe this is just going to be one of those “bad” years.
It is getting wonderfully warm. I’ve mowed grass, weedeated, planted tomatoes, green beans, bell pepper, three yellow squash and carrots although I think the latter seeds were washed away in the last heavy rain. The purple martins have been, gone and come back again. From the chirping every morning I’m assuming they are back to stay.
On my visit to Michigan, which was wonderful by the way, it was beautifully snowy, cold and then strangely warm. Lots of snow in some places – none in others. The Detroit Metropolitan Airport seems always windy and cold. Going through security there was not much difference than in New Orleans except there were lots more people in Middle Eastern garb. Thanks to my advancing age, I no longer have to remove my shoes going through security. But the lines were a bit slow because of every one else removing shoes, belts, jackets, pocket stuff, laptops, watches. It was like a mass undressing at the conveyor belt. It had momentarily occurred to me that it would be fun to take a picture of the chaos, but better sense prevailed.
I do love airports though. You see such a huge variety of people. Every size, shape, and color. Wearing the most amazing array of clothing. It would be fascinating to just sit in a big airport all day and people-watch.
Have to admit that I flew on one of the “cheap” airlines and have no problems with them except they sure don’t give you much leg room. Once in the seat, you might as well just stay there and not try to get up until the plane lands. As a matter of fact, it cost me almost as much to park my car in an off-street lot as it did to fly round trip to Michigan! Oh well, I don’t see my sisters often so I’m not going to nit-pick too much.
I was unable to attend the DNR/FAS hearing last week but have been told Judge Fields upheld the DNR position. I have no idea what happens next. I do hear that fracking is in disrepute because of the earthquakes it supposedly causes and that fracking is one of the sources of wastewater that FAS disposes of in the injection well across the spillway. That’s about all I know. The tanker traffic on Hwy. 997 has been light these days and I have no idea why but it’s wonderful not having those big trucks rumbling past, shaking the ground.
As the dog and I walk along the levee I look ahead and can see the blush of green appearing on the trees. It increases every day almost like someone is painting the leaves. The spillway side of the levee has been mowed but not the front by my house yet.
It is so lovely this time of year with the greenery, birds everywhere, ducks and eagles. I’ve put out a hummingbird feeder but it is untouched so far. My dog has learned that bumblebees should not be caught but June beetles are loads of fun to chase. Little lizards are all over. And the little green tree frogs still make my heart leap when they jump on me accidentally.
I love visiting my sisters and enjoy the cold north for a few days, but I’m glad I live in the south!

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