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One wreck, many names

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Constance Bayou runs generally northward from Big Constance Lake in coastal Cameron Parish, just west of the Vermilion Parish line. Little Constance Lake is a bit to its west and Constance Beach is still more to the west, midway between Johnsons Bayou and Holly Beach.

Baja St. Martin

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I don’t suppose there’s anything to be done about it, but I wish the names on the monthly Medicare Health Summary would also say who they are and what they did.

Dog Days a Sirius business

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July 3 is the first of the “Dog Days” of summer, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the hounds crawling under the porch in search of cooling shade.
The name comes from Sirius, the brightest visible star in the constellation Canis Major (Latin for Big Dog), and so Sirius has been called the Dog Star since ancient times.

An Article of Faith

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[This is a continuation and not a repeat of last week’s Article of Faith – Ed.]

Be Careful What you Wish For – especially rainfall

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Two adages came to mind as I kept noticing weather reports while I was looking for something else in some old newspapers.
The first is, “If you don’t like Louisiana weather, just wait a bit and it will change.” The second is, “Be careful what you pray for.”


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