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Linda Cooke

The spillway water level has fallen until the launching ramps are all clear and easily usable. There is still a fair amount of debris cluttering the ramps, the pavilion and the parking lot, but not an impossible amount. I assume it is the Atchafalaya Basin Levee District that is responsible for clearing this debris, but for sure someone official has been there because there are now signs next to the big yellow dumpsters announcing NO PUBLIC DUMPING. The whole landing positively bristles with signs. I know people have been putting personal trash in the big containers and I wouldn’t have thought that would be so objectionable, but maybe someone got a bit carried away with quantity.
Aside from having trash service at your house, there is no public place to get rid of stuff around here. I believe St. Martin Parish will pick up white goods but in all honesty, on the rare occasion when I’ve had something large (an old TV once) to get rid of, I took it to a friend’s house across the river and the thing was gone almost before I turned around. That might happen here but I doubt it and I don’t want to have an eyesore sitting in my front yard for days, maybe weeks. I’m not complaining about the trash service, mind you. They do a good job. I really don’t need a twice weekly pick-up, but I can live with it.
The weather has moderated a little, but it’s still pretty hot to be doing things outside. I have managed to get two short rows of green beans planted, but have not done anything further. I will get a few tomato plants from somewhere and definitely cauliflower, broccoli and mustard greens. My flower beds desperately need weeding. Today, however, it’s time to mow!
I recently watched part of a program on PBS where some woman talked about Aging Backwards. The gist of her talk was that movement is the secret to keeping cells from atrophying as you get older and of course, there was the adage of Use it or Lose it. I immediately felt guilty and creaky because I have not been walking as much since I lost my dog. I do walk alone and have no fear of doing so, it’s just not quite the same by myself. I believe that situation will be remedied soon, however, since a young lady called me the other day to say she had a mixed breed puppy if I wanted it. I said yes, but she is out of town for a while, so it will be a week before we meet and settle the deal.
Food for Seniors was last week – Aug. 27. Four more clients in Stephensville and the same in Belle River. Things are getting a bit tight for folks lately. A 40-pound box of goods isn’t much, but it helps! Good as always to see Grover and his latest trusties.
Bingo in Belle River on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 10 a.m. Not being a bingo player, I really had no idea how serious the whole event would be. I envisioned joking, talking, laughing while playing, but everyone is quiet and dead serious. Between games it’s more friendly, of course. When asked, most people tell me playing bingo is a way to get out of the house and see friends. We had 27 people last time and I expect more at the September games (one was also set for Sept. 1).
Some people who use the Belle River walking trail have complained about snakes on the walkway so we’re trying to figure out what to do about that. The water level is falling and I think that might help a little. Somebody said to spread mothballs around and I’ve heard of that, but will have to check with the county agent to learn if there is anything to it, other than an interesting aroma!

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