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Helen Boudreaux

Helen Boudreaux

Do your fingers cramp up at night in your sleep? Don’t go thinking it’s from old age only. It could be old injuries catching up with us. Your hands do ball up when you’re relaxed in your sleep. Two of my fingers do, one each a hand. I use a small piece of the one inch wide freezer tape and lightly wrap around my fingers and they stay open while I sleep. Next morning peel off the tape. Voila, you are good to go till tonight and you repeat.
Every month 93-year-old Mr. Weston Usie’s daughters bring him to the Food for Seniors for his 40-pound box of goodies. You’ll recognize him anywhere wearing his little chapeau. It’s cute the way he sits in the back seat like he is being chauffeured around town. I admire so much when children take care of the elderly parents. Today was different. He came out of his car because wanted to come and tell us hello and say thanks to us. Salute!
Small world! I do have a Cajun Lady Musician “Wall of Fame” on my website. I give credit where credit is due to the deserving. Of all the invited lady musicians I offered this recognition to, only two declined. A while back a woman from Marksville called for a prayer treatment. Afterward she and I talked and in the conversation I did ask if she by chance had ever heard of a lady musician named Rae Ann Laborde from Marksville. By luck she did and Rae Ann lives about four miles from her. So I told her Rae Ann is on my “wall.”
And many years ago I’d gone to Houston for a radio interview on deejay P.T. Johnson’s Saturday morning Cajun radio show. He gave me this album by Rae Ann which he’d kept for me. I met her through this album. She is a very talented vocalist, guitarist and song writer.
Small world! As times passed Fiddling Man Chris Segura, who works the archives at UL, called for my permission to use “Grand Dieu,” one of my songs from an acapella CD I recorded in 2002, on something he was putting together to sell for the Festival Acadian. He came to me with a contract which I proudly signed that helped to make this possible and help their cause.
So I asked Chris if he was familiar with Rae Ann. He’d never heard of her. So I presented him with her album, gave him a little history on it to add to his archives which he brought to UL, where she is now listed.
Amètie à tout!

–Cousine Helène
(337) 228-1714

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