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Linda Cooke

I don’t know if the phrase “feast or famine” applies to weather, but from a drought we have now progressed to rain almost every day. It hasn’t moderated the temperature very much but I don’t find this summer as terribly hot as others. However, my families in California and Michigan are suffering mightily in mid-90-degree weather. I will be knocking on wood that we don’t have any hurricanes this summer.
The bond attorney from Foley and Judell came last week and the recreation board approved the sale of the $1 million in bonds to a particular bank. Attorney Jason Akers said the board was legally required to accept the lowest bid so we did. The money will be available in late August.
We’re still waiting for the construction company to finish a job and then start on the acoustic ceiling in the Belle River Center. I’m so excited to have that job be finished and then start on dirtwork and finishing the walking trail.
I truly didn’t think I’d live long enough to see all this accomplished but now I’m determined to live for at least 20 more years. I will hobble around the trail when I’m 97 even if it takes me all day!
Meanwhile, things are speeding along as far as the St. Martin Council on Aging services in Baja St. Martin are concerned. The parish is involved now which certainly helps. Having Charlotte Ratcliff involved also surely helps. The Belle River center will officially be the voting precinct beginning in the next election, so that might be something of an impetus to accomplishing projects at the center. Anyway, we’re grateful to be getting so much attention. We deserve it!
If you have a reason to drive to Belle River one of these days, you will be amazed at the development here. It won’t be long until the land between Belle River and Morgan City along Hwy. 70 will be fully developed. Right now the Cypress Cove site is pretty full with very nice camps – one is a huge, two (or maybe three) story camp on the highway. There may not be a single cypress tree in the area but there are man-made canals leading to Belle River. At least two smaller sites are being graded for camp sites along the highway, also.
It is thundering again and growing darker by the minute. The levee has been freshly mowed, both sides. The river banks are lined with water hyacinths. The mallards are doing what ducks do this time of year. My yard is full of holes where turtles have laid eggs which have been dug up by raccoons.
Sometimes when I find all the holes with shells beside them I visualize a whole herd of turtles busily digging holes in my yard and laying eggs and I never see nor hear them! My dog, who barks madly at every paper bag blowing on the levee way, way across the road, apparently doesn’t find turtles and raccoons interesting enough to bark at even when they’re busily laying and digging.
Hard to believe that school begins in just a week or two. I’ve heard that Sandra Gros, the secretary at Stephensville Elementary, has retired. I don’t know who her replacement will be but whomever will have some seriously “big shoes” to fill. Schools simply cannot function without a secretary and Sandra has been there for many, many years.
Happy retirement, Sandra. Now’s the time to do all those things you didn’t have time for before like knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting, playing with grandchildren, reading, fishing, gardening, (I’d mention cooking but that would be at the bottom of my list.)
Oh, yes, don’t forget the sheriff’s summer luncheon in the Stephensville Elementary School gym on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Baja seniors are invited. It’s always a nice event!

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